As important as 5G is for faster speed and lower latency, without the data and AI software, practical applications like self-driving automobiles, remote medical imaging, and military weapons in drone warfare cannot happen. At this moment, American companies such as Facebook and Google still have more data about the world than anyone else, including China.

European Union and a number of other countries in Asia have realized the importance of data, not just for cybersecurity, but for economic competitiveness. To respond to the dominance of FANG, the governments of these countries have setup for laws such as localization and data protection.

Many countries outside of China prefer American technologies. Look at Southeast Asia and you’ll find more people on Facebook than any other social media platform. In Asia, excluding China, Google has over 90 percent of the market share in searches.

If any country or company is challenging FANG in the near future, it’s probably going to be Chinese companies. But the challengers, I think considering the global picture, are still far behind. American companies, particularly tech ones, have not been used to any global competition, or anything outside the US. So, any small threat becomes magnified. Dominant companies want to remain dominant.

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PhD candidate of politics and philosophy at ECNU.Shanghai | Of Rivers and Mountains @

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