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Heirs of America and a new American identity

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A National Identity Based on Race or Culture?

Before he died in 2009, political scientist Samuel Huntington wrote that what made America great was the product of institutions, including the rule of law and democracy, created by white Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) heritage. More important, he argued that Americans of Hispanic heritage were a threat to the American identity because these immigrants have refused to assimilate into the mainstream culture. He continued to make his point by asking rhetorically,

A New American Identity

The problem is that Huntington seemed to believe that the American identity should not change from its WASP’s root. But if people can change, so too can nations. And sometimes change is progress. If the extreme economic individualism of Anglo-Saxon culture has led to a highly unequal American society, in which many citizens believe that the socioeconomic problems of their countrymen and women are their own individual mess to solve, then the community-based and working-class culture of Hispanic Catholic heritage can act as a countervailing power.

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PhD candidate of politics and philosophy at ECNU.Shanghai | Of Rivers and Mountains @ jiangshan.substack.com

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