I might come off as unreasonable here. But I think equality is more than just the equal distribution of wealth and goods. When I was a tech worker, I thought I was getting paid more than enough. I could buy anything that I wanted — a car, a house, vacations. But sometimes I thought I was paid just to keep quiet and pretend that I was working. The problem, which eventually led me to abandon it all, was that I didn’t have the agency to fully express creatively as a human being.

And if fair distribution depends on the good will of powerful and wealthy people, what stops them from taking all back once they think they have done it or we don’t deserve it anymore. In America during the postwar years, many Americans were allowed a bigger piece of the economic pie. But by the 1970s/80s when Europe and Japan recovered from the war, American businesses, under pressure from increased competition, turned on their workers.

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PhD candidate of politics and philosophy at ECNU.Shanghai | Of Rivers and Mountains @ jiangshan.substack.com

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